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Our goal: Levelling the playing field when dealing with government agencies.  Governmental agencies hold special powers aimed at financing the state.  Although government financing is an important issue, it should not violate your rights.  Statutes and Charters insure important protections to tax payers. These protections may be breached by eager agencies leaving you feeling helpless and vulnerable.  Assets being seized or levied by agencies, regardless of your objections, are good examples of such situations. 

Irritants and intimidation are effective hassles that may discourage valid objections to be won successfully. We provide the required muscle to back your claims and get the justice you crave.  You want a strategy and you seek satisfaction?  Click here to learn more.

How: Tax litigation is litigation.  We believe that any significant litigation should be handled by a Quebec bar registered Lawyer, and we exclusively provide the services of professional tax lawyers.

Why: Only a Lawyer can defend you in Quebec’s Court system.  We find it ill advised to begin a litigation process knowing you cannot be defended in Court by your advisor.  So, why multiply the costs and risk a strategy that may prove inappropriate later on?  A well planned strategy will save you money and meeting a tax attorney is the best way start the process.

If you feel that the situation is serious enough to be reading this page, it probably is serious enough to contact us for a free first meeting.

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Costs: So, you know a tax attorney is a great choice.  Can you afford it?  First of all, why make things worst if you don’t have to.  So how about talking about costs with a tax attorney instead of wondering?  Click here to learn about our cost saving measures.

Relax, let’s talk costs, strategy and the experience of others that have undergone the same problems.  Click on the applicable link:  INDIVIDUALS  CORPORATION or CONTACT US .

Don’t get bitter, get justice


Don’t get bitter, get justice

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